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How to solve the lift problem of hydraulic elevator

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hydraulic lift Rise, is a difficult problem that every builder has to face. When using the hydraulic lifting platform in the hoistway and using the external hanging elevator, the situation they encounter when they face the lifting floor is quite different.

one Hydraulic elevator in shaft. The manufacturer of hydraulic elevator introduces that when the construction elevator in the shaft is required to lift the floor, it can directly contact the maintenance personnel who come to do safety inspection for the elevator at regular time every day. Only two people are required to stop lifting. Moreover, the elevator device is in the elevator shaft, which does not delay the normal construction of other workers, and the lifting and construction stop simultaneously.

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two External hanging hydraulic elevator. The use of external hanging construction elevator in the need to lift the floor, a lot of trouble, the need to contact the hydraulic elevator manufacturer, also need to contact the tower crane company. When the rise is stopped, all the construction personnel on the construction site need to stop work for half a day, which lengthens the construction period, increases the construction cost, and also needs a lot of installation costs.

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three In the face of hydraulic lift When raising the floor, we can consult the professional hydraulic elevator manufacturers and listen to their suggestions. In this way, we can save the company a lot of rising costs, improve the construction efficiency and shorten the construction period.

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