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The application of hydraulic pressure on the bridge

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          Bridge mounted moving hydraulic It is a special auxiliary equipment to realize the rapid loading and unloading of goods. Its height adjustment function makes a bridge between the freight car and the cargo platform in the warehouse. Through it, forklift and other handling vehicles can directly drive into the interior of the freight car for bulk loading and unloading of goods, also known as loading and unloading platform.

 Hydraulic boarding axle

Hydraulic mobile boarding axle Reasonable structure, stable performance, high working efficiency and fluidity are the main characteristics of the boarding bridge, Hydraulic mobile boarding axle It is mainly suitable for the loading and unloading of general container trucks and ordinary cargo vehicles. It is equipped with high efficiency and high integration hydraulic lifting system. It has the advantages of convenient maintenance, simple operation, low noise and no pollution. It is one of the ideal warehouse logistics loading and unloading equipment. Features of loading and unloading platform: after precise mechanical calculation and design, it has light weight, good rigidity and large bearing capacity; the rack is welded with high-quality steel such as section steel, square pipe and special channel steel with high rigidity; the rear part of the rack of the loading and unloading platform is equipped with adjustable screw rod to support the ground, which plays an integral role in the loading and unloading operation; under the underframe of the loading and unloading platform, there is an adjustable screw rod supporting the ground, which plays an integral role in the loading and unloading operation The rubber pad plays a buffer role when the platform descends to the ground to reduce the impact; two front casters are installed in front of the bearing sill frame, and two universal wheels are set on the rear crossbeam to facilitate the vehicle to move; the hydraulic system and electrical control system are installed on the side of the equipment to facilitate maintenance and prevent the vehicle from bumping into the electric control box when loading goods in reverse; AC is selected 380V or 220V The voltage is the power supply, which fully reflects the design structure and is more reasonable and practical.

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