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How to deal with sudden power failure of hydraulic elevator in work

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Hydraulic elevator is now widely seen in our daily life, it is a small expert in cargo handling, many customers will choose to install hydraulic lift Now I'd like to tell you how to deal with the sudden hearing of the hydraulic elevator at work?

The hydraulic elevator works with electricity. If there is a sudden power failure, the hydraulic elevator will be paralyzed. If the goods are transported or someone is operating on the lifting platform, there must be panic, causing safety accidents. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by power failure, the manufacturer adds protection settings to the hydraulic elevator during the production process. When the power failure occurs, the lifting platform will not descend and will stop at the position just in operation. How to safely return the goods and people of the hydraulic elevator to the ground, the manual pressure relief valve is set with the protection installed by the manufacturer, and the lifting platform will slowly descend when the button is pressed, Drop to a safe position. In the case of hydraulic elevator, there is no need to panic, Haoxiang machinery production of lifting platform safety button to ensure your safety.

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Guangdong Haoxiang machinery has accumulated rich experience in R & D and production since its establishment. The lifting equipment produced by our company has reasonable structure, safe and stable lifting, large load capacity, simple operation, low maintenance cost and convenient operation, which is highly praised by domestic customers and professionals. Its products are widely used in the field of building decoration, enterprise production, sports and leisure venues, mechanical equipment maintenance, military, high-altitude equipment installation, airport, station, port, warehouse and other logistics fields.

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Guangdong Haoxiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been focusing on research and improvement for many years hydraulic lift The company has over 10000 square meters of plant production base, brand-new modern CNC equipment production line, many years of industrial customer application experience, equipped with elite engineering installation team, more than a dozen after-sales service teams in the surrounding areas of Guangdong on standby, emergency projects can be given priority, overtime, complete the installation in advance, hotline: 400-833-5506

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