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How to store the hydraulic elevator when it is not needed

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For a period of time, we may not often use the hydraulic elevator. At this time, the correct idle lifting platform should be used, and it can not be placed there at will, regardless of it. In order to avoid the failure of the use of the platform, it is necessary to do a good job in the service life of the platform.

hydraulic lift one It is generally used to repair and maintain electrical circuits and electrical appliances Installation of road monitoring signal lights and workshop driving Because of the uncertainty of this kind of work, the use frequency of the lifting platform is not very high, and it is idle most of the time. No hydraulic lift for such a long time How should we place it for the safety of the user's life and property , Pay attention to the following.

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( one ) Should be Lifting platform Open the four legs To avoid tire deformation.

( two ) Hydraulic oil is the medium for elevator to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy Always observe whether the hydraulic oil deteriorates, evaporates and precipitates, and replace the hydraulic oil in time.

( three ) First of all, we should The hydraulic elevator is placed in a cool place to avoid the wind and sun and accelerate the aging of wires and oil lines. To prevent moisture and rain, to avoid surface corrosion and electrical leakage.

( four ) The lifting platform should be lifted and used normally every month one second To keep the electrical system in good condition at all times.

( five ) Regular maintenance and lubricating oil should be added To avoid blocking and heating of rotating parts and accelerate wear.

( six ) Give Way When the hydraulic elevator is in the overlapping state, the dust cover shall be used to prevent dust from entering the hydraulic system.

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