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Compared with other peers, what are the advantages of haoxiangdeng bridge?

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scan! Compared with other peers, what are the advantages of haoxiangdeng bridge? scan!
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In other words, last time a customer came to inquire about us The boarding bridge At that time, it was more expensive than ten thousand clothes thirty Yuan and three hundred There is a difference between the two!

 The boarding bridge

1. Our boarding bridge adopts electrostatic spraying, with automobile quality, three times of derusting and then electrostatic spraying, one layer of antirust paint and two times of topcoat. Car quality. Sun and rain. It won't fade.

  2、 Thickening and encryption of the main structure, high strength U The shape beam design can ensure its high load and long time operation without deformation, and the equipment has large load capacity and long service life.

3. High configuration, safety and security, so that you can rest assured and use more comfortable

This advantage is strong! Don't talk about home The boarding bridge Expensive! You get what you pay for! Honesty wins the world!

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