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American customers choose Haoxiang mobile hydraulic boarding axle

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scan! American customers choose Haoxiang mobile hydraulic boarding axle scan!
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Speaking of the United States, in the history class, the teacher often said that during the World War II, no country's economy was not deeply hit. Only when the United States was making profits and developing its own economy, could the right of speech of the United States be one of the largest. Take my dealing with American customers for example!

 Hydraulic boarding axle

For those who are engaged in foreign trade, September and October are the golden period. We like to use the analogy of gold nine silver ten. International stations use natural flow to come to the inquiry is very small, we get rid of these ways to get the contact information of customers, but also to develop their own customers. Using Google tools to query foreign customers' e-mails, due to the time difference between our regions, I set a regular email to send to customers after I wrote the letter. As the development letter written by a large number of system back letter, I am also used to a large number of letters at the same time, but also ripple. What I didn't expect was that I would receive a reply the next day. This American customer cooperated with three suppliers, one of which provided Hydraulic boarding axle The quality of our products does not meet the requirements. There is a big problem with the quality. This American is also looking for a new supplier. After that, I quickly told the American customers about our products and provided some videos and pictures of our products to the customers.

 Hydraulic boarding axle

The customer asked us to tell her about our model Hydraulic boarding axle After a comprehensive consideration, we said that the steel of our product is too thick. A container can hold 5 Taiwan's hydraulic boarding axle, but our products can only be loaded in one container three For various reasons, the American customer didn't give a definite reply. A week later, the customer finally returned an email and asked us to make the hydraulic boarding bridge into a segmented one, which could be disassembled, thus saving space, It shows that our products still have great development space, which can meet the requirements of different customers in different countries.

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