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Haoxiang team - Jiangmen naqin Tour

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In order to experience the company's corporate philosophy, enrich employees' spare time cultural life, relieve work pressure, and let employees enjoy the pleasant scenery of nature after work, 20.6.6 We started our two-day trip to Jiangmen naqin peninsula on July 1.

On Saturday morning, Haoxiang team set out on time, and after a few hours' driving, they successfully arrived at their destination and had lunch. After arriving at the hotel, out of everyone's fatigue, they let everyone have a rest in the hotel, because the good play is still ahead!

After a short rest, in the afternoon, everyone began to have free activities, playing with water and collecting shells by the sea.


In the evening, we have barbecue and watch fireworks at the seaside. Hahaha, our friends are very happy. Thanks to chef Zhang for his busy barbecue for us all night.

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The next day, a group of powerful teams came to the geological Ocean Park of naqin peninsula. They walked along the coastal plank road. Sometimes the plank road climbs up along the steep rocks, sometimes twists through the cracks of huge stones, and sometimes stretches out of the sea to step out of the sea. There are many strange stones on the island, and the most amazing thing is that the giant stones on the sea, which are not stone carvings but are more than works of art, stand tall in all kinds of breathtaking and wonderful postures, standing still in spite of the wind and waves.

 IMG_ six thousand two hundred and seventy-five

The last beach in the scenic area is the international wedding photography base of the marine Geopark in naqin peninsula. The architectural landscape full of exotic customs is built according to the situation. The 6000 meter long gold coastline outlines the most beautiful seaside scenery. Lovers and singles who love to take pictures must not leave it here. The camera must be fully charged.

As a team with the highest beauty in history, how can we not shine beautiful women

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 IMG_ six thousand three hundred and seventy-one

The most interesting and exciting thing was to play with the banana boat on the sea. At the beginning, I heard the staff say that the sea water will wet the clothes. Thinking about the rare trip, I went to play. A small boat was carrying it eight I set out to the deep sea. The sea water was photographed on my face. My God, it's so salty. This is the first time I've tasted the taste of sea water. After a few rounds at sea, I was completely wet. Fortunately, I brought a few more clothes out.

 IMG_ six thousand three hundred and seven IMG_ six thousand three hundred and twenty-seven

Jiangmen Naqin's two-day leisurely journey, in the laughter, we set foot on the return journey. The distance span of this trip two hundred and eleven kilometre time span three hour Looking forward to the next one

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