Haoxiang machinery participated in the founding ceremony and charity dinner of Yayuan service team of Guangdong Lion Club


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Hydraulic lift of lion Haoxiang charity dinner

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two thousand and seventeen year eleven month eighteen On the evening of May, the Establishment Ceremony and charity dinner of Yayuan service team of Guangdong Lion Club were held in the ancient town Huayi hotel. Mr. Chen Chun, vice president of Guangdong lions Association; Mr. Feng Jianjun, Minister of education of Guangdong disabled persons' Federation; and caring people from all walks of life in Zhongshan 00 Others attended the ceremony and charity party.

It is reported that the China lions Federation is a national voluntary service organization established with the approval of the State Council, and the China Disabled Persons' Federation is the competent business unit. China Lion Federation is a new type of volunteer service group full of vitality and innovation spirit. At present, there are more than one thousand and two hundred Service teams, forty thousand More than members. The service of Guangdong Lion Club is a dynamic force in China's charity service field, including helping the disabled, helping the poor, disaster relief, helping students, respecting the elderly, public health, cultural communication and so on!


We Haoxiang machinery Wu Zijian, chairman of the board of directors, also attended the founding ceremony and charity dinner of Yayuan service team of Guangdong Lion Club. President Wu said on the stage that in recent years, our enterprise has gained great support from all walks of life in the rapid development process. We hope that we can have more opportunities to actively repay the society. "Love public welfare activities" clothing donation activities, this is a very meaningful activity, we are willing to actively participate in such charity activities, hope to be able to express our love of giving back to the society through such a public welfare activity, so that our soul can be purified and the realm of life can be sublimated. At the same time, we also appeal to our whole society to care about me Our philanthropy, so that our society can get a more balanced development. In fact, it is only through our efforts and efforts of every individual in our society that we can pay attention to a small amount of money in our society Ignite the hope of people's life in poor areas. We will always have a heart of gratitude, and it is our bounden duty to actively repay the society. Thank you!


It is an effective expression of people's livelihood, strong infection of folk customs and strong promotion of harmony by using charity, public welfare, broad love and love to infect love, transmit warmth and help vulnerable groups, which has strong cohesion, vitality and broad development space.


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