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Guangxi Guigang logistics company purchased Haoxiang mobile hydraulic boarding bridge

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The most popular mobile of Haoxiang this year Hydraulic boarding axle Another shipment, this time out of Guangxi Guigang, a logistics company. Haoxiang mobile hydraulic boarding bridge is suitable for loading and unloading places such as logistics parks and warehouses.

Hydraulic boarding axle It is a loading and unloading auxiliary equipment used with forklift. The height of the product can be adjusted according to the height of the car. The forklift can drive directly into the interior of the carriage for batch loading and unloading. And only need a single person operation, greatly reduce the labor cost of the enterprise, so as to really improve the work efficiency.

 Hydraulic boarding axle

Mr. Li of Guangxi Guiguang logistics company dialed our customer service hotline one day. After a brief understanding, we arranged for manager Pan to have in-depth communication with him and watched our mobile phone Hydraulic boarding axle Of After the photos and details, he praised "It's beautiful.". Can see the quality, see the strength, in the next day decided to buy our Haoxiang brand hydraulic boarding bridge, thank you for your support!

 Hydraulic boarding axle Hydraulic boarding axle

Guangdong Haoxiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a supplier of hydraulic logistics equipment integrating R & D, sales, production, after-sales and customer service. If you need mobile hydraulic boarding bridge, height adjustment plate, automobile tailboard, hydraulic elevator, fixed scissor lift and other equipment, you can contact us at 180-2205-3763 / 400-833-5506

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