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Guangdong hydraulic elevator manufacturers to take you to understand how to calculate the lift

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Hydraulic is a kind of lifting mechanical equipment. It can manually operate the buttons of the control system to make the goods transport from upper to lower layers, The lifting height of hydraulic elevator is from one Meter to twenty The meter is not equal And can be customized according to the user's requirements hydraulic lift


Every customer will pay attention to the price of the hydraulic elevator. How does the manufacturer calculate the price of the hydraulic elevator? Generally, the manufacturer calculates the price of the hydraulic lift for the customer according to the actual size of the reserved opening on the site, the lifting height and the bearing quality provided by the customer. Customers in the purchase of hydraulic elevators can not be too concerned about the price gap between manufacturers of hydraulic elevators, because the materials used are different, the material brand is different, and the production process is different. The price of hydraulic lift is different. Customers can consider the cost performance of elevator when purchasing, in line with the principle of "one cent, one cent".

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hydraulic lift When the hydraulic power unit is working, the pressure is used to make the hydraulic cylinder as the main power to drive the lifting and descending of the platform of the hydraulic lift. When the guide rail type hydraulic elevator fails, it can stop running immediately, High stability , The driving of hydraulic power unit makes it have strong bearing capacity And the lifting is stable, which can realize the transportation of large tonnage goods.

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