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Guangdong you Haoxiang machinery told hydraulic lifting platform button failure how to do

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All of Haoxiang's Hydraulic lifting platform Under normal circumstances, it is not easy to have faults and problems, and it can fully meet the needs of the equipment. But sometimes it will be out of order when it is used for a long time or the equipment is not in good contact. What should we do if the up and down buttons of the hydraulic lifting platform fail?

 Hydraulic lifting platform

First of all, the user should check that the electrical switch of the hydraulic lifting platform is not connected or has poor contact. If everything is in good condition, the problem of the equipment system can be eliminated. If you find a problem with the lift, you can repair it. Secondly, if the electromagnetic valve of the lifting platform is stuck, the button will fail. If there is a problem with the solenoid valve, the lifting platform can be lowered completely by pressing the hydraulic pressure of the electromagnetic jack, and then the solenoid valve can be cleaned and replaced. Finally, there may be some other reasons, which can be solved by contacting the lifting platform manufacturer.

 Hydraulic lifting platform

Control Hydraulic lifting platform Button failure is usually caused by some small problems, customers can handle it by themselves under the guidance of the lifting platform manufacturer. If you can't solve the problem by yourself, you can report to the power plant for troubleshooting. Haoxiang will be the first time for you to do after-sales work. It is better to check the hydraulic lifting platform by professional technicians. Those who do not understand the equipment should not disassemble the equipment components without permission.

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