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Dongguan cleaning products manufacturing company customized double shear fork hydraulic lifting platform

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Haoxiang is the factory is also a direct supplier, no middleman's routine, everything depends on quality! Today, we are shipping a non-standard customized double shear fork fixed type Hydraulic lifting platform , which is customized by a cleaning products company in Dongguan.

In early December, Mr. Wang, the purchasing agent of Dongguan cleaning products company, called our customer service hotline. He simply told us his general specifications, load, lift and working size. Then we let the professional manager, manager Zhu, receive him, have a detailed discussion with him, and make a plan and offer to him.

Generally buy hydraulic lifting platform are to compare, this is not like buying clothes, this is a large machinery. Mr. Zhu took Mr. Wang to visit our actual installation case site in Dongguan, and Mr. Wang made comparison, report and so on. According to Mr. Wang, he found six companies to compare, only our family is very satisfied with the quality and price.

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We have finished the delivery 2 days before the delivery date. The customers on the trial run site are very satisfied. This is a happy cooperation. We also thank the customers for their trust. Guangdong Haoxiang Hydraulic lifting platform The factory is located at No.56, Changhe Road, Dongsheng Gaosha Industrial Zone, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. We can provide you with perfect product scheme, high-quality equipment and considerate service. For more information about Guangdong hydraulic lifting platform, please pay attention to the official website or online consultation of Guangdong Haoxiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd 180-2205-3763

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