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Working principle and application market advantage of rail type elevator in 2020

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Zhongshan Haoxiang rail type Elevator goods ladder It is a non scissor type hydraulic lifting mechanical equipment . It is used in the second and third floor industrial plant , restaurant , Goods transfer between floors of restaurants . The minimum height is at 150-300mm, It is suitable for the workplace where the pit can not be excavated . There is no need to lift the upper part , Method diversification ( Monorail , Double column ). The equipment runs smoothly , The operation is simple and reliable , Goods transmission is economical and fast.

 Elevator goods ladder

The structure of the guide rail type elevator is solid, the bearing capacity is large, the lifting is stable, and the maintenance of the equipment is simple and convenient. It is an economic and practical ideal goods transportation equipment to replace the elevator between the low floors. According to the equipment environment and application requirements of the lifting platform, selecting different optional equipment can obtain very good application effect. The guide rail type elevator is mainly used in chemical, high temperature, high pressure, power plant, nuclear industrial base and other explosion-proof companies

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hydraulic pressure Elevator goods ladder With the traditional traction elevator safety equipment together , Also equipped with: relief valve: can prevent the upward movement of the system pressure is too high, emergency manual valve: when the power failure , It can reduce the car emergency to the nearest floor and open the door , Hand pump: when the system breaks down , The manual pump can be operated to pump out high-pressure oil to make the car rise to the nearest floor ; Pipeline crack valve: when the hydraulic system pipeline cracks, the car stall decreases , It can actively block the oil way and stop lowering. Oil temperature maintenance of oil tank: when the oil temperature in the oil tank exceeds the set value of the specification , Fault signal of oil temperature maintenance equipment , Suspension of cargo elevator operation , When the oil temperature decreases, the cargo elevator can be started.

Rail type elevator has low cost and low power consumption , Pressure driven by self weight , Greatly save energy.

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