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What will affect the price of hydraulic lifting platform in 2020

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In life, for many fields and places are inseparable from the use of hydraulic lifting platform, due to the needs of cargo transportation and loading and unloading, auxiliary loading and unloading equipment is essential Hydraulic lifting platform It is convenient to transport goods between the floors as a vertical platform. Therefore, the hydraulic lifting platform equipment is widely used and has made great contribution to the society.

 Hydraulic lifting platform

Analysis of influencing factors of hydraulic lifting platform price:

1、 Regional characteristics of lift price

First of all, it depends on the region. Geographically, from south to north, the price will gradually increase. If it extends to the northeast or southwest China, the freight will gradually increase on the basis of price increase, which also directly makes the price of elevator and lifting platform in the South and North form an obvious contrast.

 Hydraulic lifting platform

2、 Order time of lifting platform price

The price of the lifting platform of the hydraulic press will also be determined according to the order cycle of the product. Compared with elevators and lifting platforms, it is difficult for many customers to purchase the corresponding product models. Because many customers need to use it within a limited time, they will choose the supplier with fast delivery and short delivery time. And elevator manufacturers in the production of products are more customized according to the requirements of customers. Therefore, when many customers purchase, the lifting platform manufacturer does not have in stock. If they want to purchase, they need to arrange production again, and the production cycle is 1-3 About a month No. And those suppliers who have spot stock will also consider the factor that customers are not in a hurry to raise the price of lifting platform. But Haoxiang machinery is not the same, the factory production is generally 15 Day, if the customer is in a hurry, the factory will work overtime. It will never raise the price and protect the rights and interests of customers.

 Hydraulic lifting platform

3、 Cost of elevator

Hydraulic lowering platform The price also depends on the cost of the product. Different material specifications of products, the use of function, life, safety performance are different. In the purchase of lifts, lifting platforms, many people only pay attention to the price, thus ignoring the safety, and durability. Compared with the hydraulic lifting platform, this kind of large-scale equipment manufacturing, pay more attention to the choice of fine workmanship and strong safety.

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