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Customer name Liu Liu Mei ——Liuliu Orchard Group( Modern enterprise group integrating fruit processing, sales and scientific research

Product name : hydraulic lift

Customer requirements : need to install one in the factory hydraulic lift , load three Tons, up eight The inside and outside of the car shall be galvanized

Haoxiang solution: In the era of rapid development of the Internet, Haoxiang elevator manufacturers also have a place. Anhui Liuliu Orchard Group found us through the Internet. I believe you are familiar with liuliumei, two thousand and nine Since then, Liuliu orchard enterprises have joined hands with Hunan Satellite TV / Anhui Satellite TV strongly propagates Yang Mi's "it's OK.", Liuliu Orchard Group is a modern enterprise group dedicated to fruit processing, sales and scientific research. It is a leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Anhui Province, a leader in China's green plum food industry and a leader in fruit processing industry with Chinese characteristics!

 hydraulic lift

After learning that Haoxiang machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of hydraulic elevators, the manager of the purchasing department of Liuliu orchard had a detailed discussion with our sales manager. Our manager also understood the special requirements of customers, because the main purpose of Liuliu orchard is to produce fruits and vegetables processing leisure food , Lium , Tomato , Tropical flavor tropical fruit products, Wuai special fruit products , Preserved , Candied fruit , In order to avoid the corrosion of the elevator, we asked the manager of the company to make a detailed quotation for the elevator in order to avoid the corrosion of the elevator As soon as possible, the customer manager sent us a deposit the next day.

Haoxiang machinery to ensure the later hydraulic lift The installation accuracy, avoid mistakes, our engineering manager insisted on taking the high-speed rail to Anhui Liuliu orchard production base to check the site size and determine the final design scheme. Haoxiang impressed the customers with the professional and rigorous service attitude, and also took a box to slip back.

 hydraulic lift

Guangdong Haoxiang machinery has accumulated rich experience in R & D and production since its establishment. The lifting equipment produced by our company has the advantages of reasonable structure, safe and stable lifting, large load capacity, simple operation, low maintenance cost and convenient operation, which are well received by domestic customers and professionals. Its products are widely used in the field of building decoration, enterprise production, sports and leisure venues, mechanical equipment maintenance, military, high-altitude equipment installation, airport, station, port, warehouse and other logistics fields.

 hydraulic lift

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